The Connection Between Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction
Part of the Law of Attraction is that everything is governed by energy. Our, emotions, thoughts and actions are all really manifestations of energy. Quantum physics, on the other hand, is no different. Basically, it is the study of units of energy that are invisible, called quanta. The concept was first proposed by a man by the name of Max Planck and was developed, later on, by Albert Einstein and other physicists.

Even though both the Laws of Attraction and quantum physics deal with energy, that doesn’t mean they have anything in common, right? Wrong. The attraction law works when a conscious effort is made to change the way a person thinks, feels and acts. The same can be said concerning quantum physics. Many studies have stated that a simple observance of something can affect an outcome.

Another connection between the two is that nothing is impossible. Nor is everything fate driven. The universe, it is said, does not choose who will or will not get to fulfill their wishes. One interpretation of quantum physics is that many different versions of a person exists on many different worlds and, therefore, even if wishes are not granted by using the attraction laws in this world, maybe they will be granted in one of the other worlds that the person exists in.

A further explanation of quantum physics is that there are no separate parts to the universe. Everything transforms from time to time as if by particles changing their locations and moving through fluids. Just like many aspects of the 11 Forgotten Laws, quantum physics is random. Quantum physics sees our world as a deep ocean of energy that keeps coming into and vanishing from existence constantly. Basically, people can change their own energy, and even the world’s energy, by their thoughts. Hence, we are the creators of the universe considering everything around us is made up of energy.

Energy and matter was connected by Albert Einstein in 1905 with his famous formula E=mc2. It proves that matter and energy can be easily changed. In simplistic terms, everything that exists here in the universe is energy and all of that energy is ever-changing. Since this energy can be so easily shaped, formed and molded via our thoughts, we can easily transmute our thought energy into the physical energy of reality.

As was said before, everything that exists in the universe is composed of energy, or of vibrations. The Law of Attraction keeps it all flowing perfectly and effortlessly. The full study of quantum physics, though, is quite complex. Using the quantum physics theory on a spiritual level in relation to the attractions law, it becomes a spiritual quest and is not an actual scientific process.

In conclusion, everything is connected by energy and, since nothing is fixed, there are no limitations. All forms and all aspects of energy are in a state of potential and, therefore, by applying focus, a person can be able to create their own universe, even on the quantum level.

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